To give better health, more control, and peace of mind to all.

MySelfCare is inspired to bring more control, and total peace of mind to the lives of people who are living with long-term health conditions. Currently, the NHS budget is at £116 billion, with 70% of this spent on managing long-term health conditions. We want to help the NHS and the individuals by providing more effective self-care; giving more control to paitients and their loved ones by allowing them to effectively manage diabetes, high blood pressure, heart arrhythmia and more.

The emotive story of one of our team members, Lesley, shows why we have launched MySelfCare, and how it can save lives and provide reassurance to the loved ones of people who are managing long-term healthconditions. Lesley received a distressing call informing her that her diabetic friend had been admitted into intensive care, at a London hospital. Living on her own, her friend had experienced a rapid deterioration over three days of her diabetic condition. With nobody around her, she was not able to measure her blood glucose levels, and after these torrid three days her son found her in a collapsed state. After being at the hospital for seven days, she was diagnosed with kidney damage and is now on dialysis. She is also awaiting a kidney transplant. Lesley says that if her friend had a package like MySelfCare then it would have allowed her son to notice what was happening with his mum sooner, and he could have helped her during the three-day period. This would have prevented her collapse and may have saved her kidneys.

Lesley’s story shows why MySelfCare has been launched, and how important it is for the peace of mind and health of people managing diabetes and various other long-term conditions. To watch her story and stories like Lesley’s please click here

MySelfCare is brought to you by Solutions 4 Health Ltd.

Solutions 4 Health is an innovative company with a passion and a track record for tackling health inequalities and helping people manage their health. They provide a one stop solution for commissioners accountable for outcome focused integrated public health services through the successful integration of healthcare and technology. They are MJ Award Winners 2015: Public Health Partnerships, reflecting their contribution to the community. Solutions 4 Health provides services to over 100,000 people on an annual basis, and they continue to provide easily accessible services all over the country.

We are delighted that MySelfCare is supporting Slough, Dudley and Peterborough CCG in empowering patients in monitoring their long term conditions and managing their health more effectively.

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