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World Diabetes Day Blog

World Diabetes Day occurs annually on November 14th. The day aims to raise awareness of the causes and symptoms of diabetes, as well as what life is like for the 416 million people manging diabetes.
Ahead of World Diabetes Day, we’ve been discussing how to manage the condition when eating out. With Christmas get-togethers and office parties on the horizon, it’s important not to let long term health conditions get in the way of the festivities.

Foods to Avoid

Many diabetics are familiar with limiting their consumption of sugars and carbohydrates such as chips, potatoes, bread and cake, though when eating out, it pays off to be extra vigilant about what is on your plate.

  • Fried, battered or greasy foods – these foods contain a lot of saturated fat compared to grilled, baked or boiled options.
  • Sauces and Dressings – it’s not always just what’s on your plate, it’s what you add to it! Some additional sauces or salad dressings can also be high in sat fat so opt. If you do want to add to your meal, opt for lighter, olive oil based dressings.
  • Alcohol – if you’re celebrating with a tipple, keep an eye on what you are drinking, as alcohol – particularly wine – can affect your blood sugar levels.

Don’t Pile Your Plate Too High

Many people have a tendency to over-order when they’re eating out – especially around the Christmas period. On top of this, most restaurants serve up large portions which often leads to overeating; in order to help you digest these hearty portions, your body will release more sugar into your blood stream. Keep this in mind when you are served your dinner so you don’t feel that you need to be polite and leave your plate clean.

Be Fussy

Many of us don’t like the idea of asking a restaurant to modify a meal for us, or taking a small helping at the buffet table, but being mindful of what you eat is the key to managing diabetes. Most restaurants are keen to accommodate health and dietary requirements, so don’t be afraid of asking the waiter or waitress to swap your chips for salad, hold the dressing on or serve your burger bunless. After all, it is all in aid of your health and wellbeing.


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