What is it ?


Looking for ways to better manage your health? MySelfCare is a unique service that enables you to monitor their own long term health conditions with our innovative health care app and easy-to-use home healthcare devices. MySelfCare lets you take control of your own health by providing the next generation in medically approved monitoring devices. Complete peace of mind is provided through automated alerts that share your medical readings with doctors, family and loved ones. Your subscription gets you access to all of this and more in your personalised account, helping you to care for yourself and your family.


What is it?

How does it work?


We understand the concerns that managing long-term health conditions can bring for you and your loved ones. MySelfCare allows you to choose people that matter most to you to receive an email each time you take a reading – allowing you and your family to monitor your health. By setting your own condition parameters, friends and family are able to be alerted to whether your reading is HIGH, LOW or NORMAL.

Your readings are stored securely in the MySelfCare cloud and can be viewed online anywhere, at any time. MySelfCare even allows for the downloading, printing and emailing of groups of readings.



Firstly, MySelfCare only shares data to email addresses that you choose! You can add or remove recipients in a few moments from within your customer account once you have subscribed.

Health readings are automatically sent via automated email to your nominated addresses every time you take a reading on your device. All data is securely encrypted and held in accordance to our privacy policy - of course you can get in touch with us if you would like more information.


MySelfCare is unique in its ability to instantly notify you with your loved one's health readings. However, if you have received a notification that concerns you, we always recommend that you contact the person who has taken the reading first before taking further action.

Notifications are the automated emails that are generated when a reading is taken. They give you the reading's details such as the time it was taken and whether it was above, at or below the normal range. Usefully, the email also contains the last 5 readings for that person, so you can see whether the current reading fits in with a trend over a period of time.

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Our BP5 monitor helps you keep an accurate log of your blood pressure throughout the day.

- Lightweight
- Easy and quick to use
- Comfortable, hygienic upper arm cuff.
- Sync with your smart phone to transfer reading to your customer dashboard.
Keep track of your blood sugar with our BG1 and BG5 glucometers.

- Safely and accurately record you Blood Glucose.
- BG1 monitor plugs directly into your headphone jack.
- Sleek looking and discreet for everyday use.
- Sync with your smart phone to transfer reading to your customer dashboard.
Our HS6 scales take 7 measures of body composition to give you the complete picture.

- Accurate to 0.1kgs.
- Measures weight, body fat, muscle mass and more.
- Enables you to understand the make up of your body.
- Sync with your smart phone to transfer reading to your customer dashboard.
The PO3 Pulse Oximeter measures your resting heart rate and blood oxygen.

- Small and simple to use.
- Fits on a finger.
- Under your respiratory health.
- Sync with your smart phone to transfer reading to your customer dashboard.
Your subscription gives you access to:
- 1 Device of your choice.
- A Personalised, Customisable Dashboard.
- Excellent Customer Support.
- Ability to share your readings and to download/ print them too.

Using MySelfCare gives reassurance for you and your family:

- Family members can monitor their health around the world.
- Get instant updates from loved ones.
- Take control of your own Health through accurate readings and a simple interface.

A service that brings technology and healthcare to your home.

- Customisable graphs and alert settings.
- Combine devices and plans for maximum flexibility.
- Buy for yourself and your family.

Our team is constantly working to add new features to the MySelfCare service. We pride ourselves on being a leading company in the digital healthcare arena. We strive for excellence and aim to make the MySelfCare service and platform the very best experience for you that it can be.

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