What is MySelfCare

MySelfCare provides a range of smart medical devices, from Blood Pressure to Diabetes. These connect straight to your smart phone via Bluetooth. The advantage of this means that you can view the history of all your results since you have been taking them, and your doctor can analyse these.

A Second feature of the product is that as soon as you take a reading with these devices, it instantly sends the results to your loved ones. For example, if your loved one lives far away and has diabetes, you get instantly notified as soon as they have taken them, which means when you are out and about, it gives you reassurance and peace of mind that they are ok, and if not gives you the information early so you can take action.

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How does it work?

MySelfCare is simple and easy to use. Simply download the app from the app store, connect your device via blue tooth. Once your device is connected, you can take your reading, whether that is blood pressure, diabetes or blood oxygen. Once you have taken your reading, your results are instantly saved on to the app. This means that you can now see all your results you have taken keeping track of your or your loved ones condition.

Depending on who you have nominated on your account, they will instantly get an email with your results. If you are diabetic, the glucose test is no different to the prick test. Furthermore, the strips are available on the NHS through prescription.


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